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Links and Projects from Meeting Presenters

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Links and Projects from Meeting Presenters:




Links, photos, etc. will now be posted to the blog as followups... do not edit.


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Meeting Information and Links:


Apr 13th 2010 at reMake Lounge


Apr 6th 2010 at Tech Liminal

Mar 9th 2010 at reMake Lounge 


Mar 2nd 2010 at Tech Liminal


Feb 9th 2010 at reMake Lounge


Feb 2nd 2010 at Tech Liminal


Jan 12th 2009 at reMake Lounge


Jan 5th 2010 at Tech Liminal


Dec 8th 2009 at reMake Lounge

  • Meeting 


Dec 1st 2009 at Tech Liminal

  • Meeting


Nov 10th 2009 at reMake Lounge

  • Meeting


Nov 3rd 2009 at Tech Liminal
  • Meeting 


Oct 13th 2009 at reMake Lounge


Oct 6th 2009 at Tech Liminal - Electroween!


May 30th-31st 2009 see you at Maker Faire


May 14th 2009 at Instructables HQ

to come...


May 3rd 2009 at Techshop


April 14th 2009 at Instructables HQ


March 1st 2009 at TechShop


February 10th 2009 at Instructables HQ



February 8th 2009 at TechShop



January 13th 2009 at Instructables HQ

  • Del Hatch - Chess Playing Robot
  • Robert Hermes - Bluetooth Phone Glove (talk to the hand) and Electric Toothbrush reanimation
  • Randofo - "Joystick" interface to retro Atari
  • Unknown Maker - Home made Zebrawood laptop briefcase (with tape measure spring steel latches!)
  • Meeting (Photos)



January 4th 2009 at TechShop

  • (Add your info here)
  • Laser cut Laptop Stand
  • Meeting (Photos)



December 16th 2008 at Instructables HQ



December 2nd 2008 at TechShop

  • (Add your info here)
  • Andrew Milmoe (Cracked open a "Cube World" module) - (Photo)


November 2nd at TechShop

  • (Add your info here)


October 5th 2008 at TechShop

  • (Add your info here)


September 7th 2008 at TechShop


July 20th at Instructables HQ


August 3rd 2008 at TechShop | Meeting Photos


Soldering Workshop & July TechShop Meeting

July 6th at TechShop | Meeting Photos



June 22nd 2008 at Instructables HQ (in San Francisco)

  • Presenters, add your notes here!



June 1st 2008 at TechShop | Meeting Photos



March 2nd 2008 at TechShop | Meeting Photos


  • Randy Sarafan (Removing digital photo's signature) -
  • Chris Myer (Palm Pilot robot/laser cut tentacle) -
  • Ugobe Pleo - http://ugobe.com/



February 21st 2008 at Mars Bar



February 10th 2008 at TechShop |  Meeting Photos

  • Shape Lock (Prototyping material)- http://shapelock.com/       
  • Abel Allison (Laser/water sound instrument) - 
  • Eric (Copper Bracelet) - makerp.pdf
  • Garrett Mace (Tilt Control USB Airplane Interface) -



January 6th 2008 at TechShop |  Meeting Photos



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